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Last year, my goals were quite simple: Use less tech and create more. Simple as they were, I exceeded both of my initial expectations by a wide margin. I am coming into 2018 riding a wave of creativity not seen since 2013. I want to savor it, I want to treat it as respectfully as possible so the wave can last. This makes setting goals for 2018 tricky. I’m not as far removed from things as I was during the end of 2016.

With that here is what I want to accomplish this year:


I sometimes get overzealous and try to do all of the things at once, which leads to me getting burnt out and disillusioned with creation as a whole. I want to spend 2018 working on writing, working on podcasting, working on graphic art, and working on programing. As much as I truly want to venture out into fashion design and music, past dabbles and simplistic compositions for the show it’s not humanely...

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December Update

I normally post these updates to the patreon page, but given patreons recent changes I’m going to put this on the main blog for everyone to see.

 Stipes Radio Update:

Hi everyone, it is the time of month again where I go over what’s been going on at Stipes Radio!

For November and December I have mostly been in my bag working on some things for the new year. I think some of the episodes we’ve put out these two months have been our best topically. Considering how busy everyone is right now I am really proud of how hard we’ve been working to get things out.

I am pulling 6 day weeks at work, Jake and Ace have school to be worrying about, Tim is mangling with Germany so I am just going to give everyone at Stipes Radio a self-congratulatory round of applause.

In January I will also be heading back to school so you should expect some shows to move to a bi-weekly schedule as I’ll be managing...

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That New Business

Every fall in my hometown, we would have this fall festival that took over our Main Street and Central Park. School would let out early that Friday and the whole weekend would have be full of things to do for everyone in the town. On Halloween every business on Main Street would all give out candy to kids, the local theater would turned into a haunted house.

My mother grew up in the town so I would usually be greeted by all of her old friends when I walked around town after school. All of us had a spot we’d meet up at after school on Friday nights to just hang out and talk shit.

I did not grow up in a city, I grew up in small town where everyone knew each other. A community that was still connected to the world at large, but given space away from everything because it was in the middle of the woods. I have been recently viewing online spaces in a similar way.

 The Issue With Large


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On a fateful day in 2009, a 12 year old boy who had been thrust from his hometown into the city had a broken Xbox. He had this laptop that he had won back in 06 as part of a raffle for being eligible for food stamps and free lunch in his towns middle school. So as he was short of friends and free on time. He opened the laptop and pressed the power button.

During one scarily hot summer, before he had yet chosen the name his future friends would come to know him as, he ended up on a youtube binge watching folks open boxes. After going through games related content, he ended up on people opening boxes made by Apple. A couple weeks of watching videos about all kinds of computers, he then ended up on a youtube channel by the name of “thisweekinlinux.”

At the same time, the boy was meeting with a therapist who came to his home once a week. This therapist failed in their goal to open the boy...

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Staying inside on a Friday night, a narrative playlist

I made a playlist, and wanted to see if I could give a narrative spin to it. I might do this more often because it’s actually fun. You can get the actual playlist on Apple Music or Spotify

Friday night, sun has already set and it seems like there ain’t much to do tonight so fuck it. Let’s stay in. I guess.

It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chill Friday night though.

tv clicks on, random anime from crunchyroll starts playing

It’s only been an hour but fuck, I think I’m starting to regret this. No one’s been hitting me back on my text though, no one’s wanting fuck around today.


Suppose I could go outside but like where?

I don’t even have the time.

Maybe they just don’t care, maybe they aren’t even day one’s anymore? Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe this shit doesn’t even matter. Like I don’t even fuck with myself most of the time.

If I can’t even fuck with myself, how can...

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2017. Forward. Resolutions?

 Stop changing the tech I own but how I use the tech I own

In 2016 I went through two laptops, at least three phones, and two wearable devices, all in the name of trying to increase my productivity. The odd thing was, deleting every social media account but twitter is what had the largest affect on my output. Improving how I use my gadgets is what I want, since changing the gadgets themselves has proved to be a largely fruitless and expensive procedure.

Tech is just a tool, the more expensive tool you buy does not change the way said tool is used. I can say that iA writer has made me a better writer, that isn’t true. It’s only made me feel like a better writer. That feeling is just a luxury past a certain point. I can say the Apple Watch made me more prone to exercise than the Microsoft Band I had, when in actuality it’s just a more fashionable version of the same device.

More tech...

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The Best Things of 2016

2016 sucked, but most of the art was really good.


  • Blonde by Frank Ocean is album of the year, it’s had the most interesting twists and turns on each repeated listen.
  • Lil Boat by Lil Yachty is the best mixtape, it’s fun and we need more fun art.
  • Cosmic Explorer by Perfume is the biggest disappointment, I expected much more from the latest Perfume drop and only got one great single with a bunch of weak B sides.
  • Tea for Three by Negicco is the biggest surprise of 2016. It might not be huge, but it has richness and substance that makes it a great album.


  • Halo 5 is the best multiplayer game of the year, 343 spent the entire year adding new content to the game and did nothing but improve the most competitive first person shooter on the market.
  • Super Mario Run is the best single player game, only for proving that iOS can be on the same level as console gaming in terms of...

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Learning Swift Day 0

As someone who never commits to anything, I’ve decided that I want to commit myself to learning Swift. I know a bit of C from programing classes I took back when I actively attended college. And as I’ve somehow1 gone all Apple with my computers, Swift seems to be a great option.

So I decided to start blogging my journey as it will help hold me accountable to going through with my attempt to learn!

 Types of stuff

Apple has a great WWDC2 session on Swift. Swift is smart when it comes to data types and declarations which for someone coming from C is really nice. It is smart about assuming what kinds of data you want to declare and which is going to be passed through in and out of functions, it is quite time saving.


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If Apple isn’t right, then who is?

I used to not be jaded about computers. I remember being told what the future of computing would be every couple of months as a kid and then downloading some god awful beta and loving it. I remember not feeling so indifferent when a new platform would launch.

Maybe it started to fade when in 2010 when Google killed Google Gears, saying offline HTML5 apps would be the future of computers. And then telling me the same in 2011. And 2012. And 2013. And 2014.

Maybe it began to fade when Canonical spent the good part of a decade pushing platforms that never actually came to fruition, allowing desktop Ubuntu to wither claiming that a rewrite is just months away.

Maybe it was when Nokia gave up on Meego and got into bed with Microsoft.

Maybe, I changed.


Steve Jobs said that we are in a post-PC era when he announced the iPad, and then tablet sales ended up falling and looking a...

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I was about to delete all of these posts, but that seemed like poor taste, but I just want to say hi.

Things are going well, i’m still not writing.

But, you can now have a Santa Emoji with my skin color and that’s pretty ok.


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