Staying inside on a Friday night, a narrative playlist

I made a playlist, and wanted to see if I could give a narrative spin to it. I might do this more often because it’s actually fun. You can get the actual playlist on Apple Music or Spotify

Friday night, sun has already set and it seems like there ain’t much to do tonight so fuck it. Let’s stay in. I guess.

It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chill Friday night though.

tv clicks on, random anime from crunchyroll starts playing

It’s only been an hour but fuck, I think I’m starting to regret this. No one’s been hitting me back on my text though, no one’s wanting fuck around today.


Suppose I could go outside but like where?

I don’t even have the time.

Maybe they just don’t care, maybe they aren’t even day one’s anymore? Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe this shit doesn’t even matter. Like I don’t even fuck with myself most of the time.

If I can’t even fuck with myself, how can they?

The fuck is this feeling though. I feel like it’s all just a scheme. I feel like this is some empty pit. Fuck if I even am feeling right?

What’s feelings without a valve to release them?

I guess this shit just has me thinking about when I got here right, like it was way easy to ball and shit a Friday when I was younger. But now that I’m off on my own I’m too fucking tired to even try and hit the club on the weekend. Ain’t shit about being a grown up.

Fuck though, I’m just gonna take a nap.

dream sequence starts here

dream sequence ends

scrolling through ig, ends up on this persons page

It wasn’t even more than a couple of months, but he had me fucked up you know? I don’t even know why we still follow each other, he’s on the other side of town and I’ll never run into him again.

But it just feels like I’m officially ending it if I hit the unfollow button. But, it’s already over isn’t it?

phone rings, it’s mom

she asks how’s your relationship with him before y'all hang up, you’re now just back to scrolling through their ig profile once again, more willing to send a DM than not

I don’t even know if I’m thirsty at this point or just lonely. ugh.

you accidentally double tap a post, the anxiety kicks in from knowing he’ll get a notification that you liked one of his posts. a minute later you get a notification, a DM from him asking how’s things been

“wow creeper much? how have you been?”

“I’ve been alright. Just working and all you know”

“same af tbh, what you up to right now?”

“Oh you know, I’m at [REDACTED]. They still do the same old shit on Fridays”

“Fuck! I remember back when we used to go there, that’s where we first-”

by this point you’re done with the conversation and mute the whole thing. for the first time since he broke up with you, you’re the one leaving him on R

By this point in the night, I should have really either gone out or worked on something instead of wallowing around like some shitbag. What’s the point, why does my head even bring me around to throwing myself in a bad place just because no one has hit me up in a couple of hours. Why do I keep throwing myself into harms way by keeping up with people who I don’t even fuck with anymore?

Maybe Saturday will be better.

Maybe I can save this night, maybe I can still go out. I’m going to end up crying if I stay inside for the rest of the night. Maybe I ca-

looks at the clock it’s 4-

staring off into nothing on your couch, you fall asleep

scene fades to black


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